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The Great Global Challenge is an exciting five/six-day experience that will train you to lead and help you stand out in the virtual talent market:

  • Collaborate and build relationships with global peers
  • Navigate time zones, use cutting-edge workplace tech, and build the teamwork and communication skills you need for international careers
  • Learn innovation mindsets and global, interdisciplinary, social and community awareness
  • Practice entrepreneurship and innovation frameworks
  • Build your network with industry professionals

For us, digital delivery isn’t an afterthought.

The Great Global Challenge is designed for 2020 students and the 2030 workforce. And it’s brought to you by a team globally recognised for Innovation in Online Programming.

Slack. Zoom. GSuite. Notion. Remo. Podcasts. Miro. Youtube, and more. We’ll make full use of a creative tech stack to make sure you have an experience to remember.

Created for you by The Hacker Exchange (HEX).



Each Participant in each Team must be a student of a Participating University who has been accepted to the program by The Organisers.


What to submit? 

The Portfolio
This is all of your "Checkpoint" material. Designs, research, market validation and all other supporting documentation you have created — attach, link, or write all the materials required into Devpost as instructed in the daily checkpoints. This will help support your pitch video, and give us a better understanding of your Submission.

The Video

Your video must:

  • be a 3-minute (maximum) pitch;
  • include a clear problem statement;
  • include an outline of how your idea/business will impact the community, customer segment, or industry that has been or will be particularly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • include an overview of the business model and revenue streams;
  • include evidence of market validation;
  • include a basic prototype; 
  • feature all members of the team and indicate the contributions of each team member (not all members need to present though);
  • include “Next steps”. 


Your video must be uploaded on Devpost as a Vimeo or Youtube link, along with the rest of your portfolio, before the Submission Deadline (see Great Global Challenge Rules). Late submissions will not be accepted.



  • Show passion for your idea
  • Let your creativity, your personality, and/or the “personality” of your idea shine through
  • Clearly demonstrate and explain the product or service
  • Post-production is encouraged but not mandatory

Hackathon Sponsors


$6,300 in prizes

1st Prize

USD $2000,
1:1 Career & Business Mentoring with HEX (2 x Sessions each),
HEX Surprise Pack,
Get featured in a HEX post

2nd Prize

USD $1000,
1:1 Career & Business Mentoring with HEX (1 x Sessions each)

3rd Prize

USD $1000,
1:1 Career & Business Mentoring with HEX (1 x Sessions each)

4th Prize

USD $500

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Jeanette Cheah

Jeanette Cheah
CEO & Founder, The Hacker Exchange

Professor David Gilbert

Professor David Gilbert
Director of Entrepreneurship, Monash University

Dr Charles Gretton

Dr Charles Gretton
AI Expert & Techlauncher, Australian National University

Blair Lucas

Blair Lucas
Co-Founder & CEO of CoSec

Felisha Mina

Felisha Mina
Creative Director of Ola Media

Judging Criteria

  • Problem Identification
    To what extent did the team clearly identify a problem and customer segment as related to the COVID-19 pandemic? 
  • Solution Impact
    To what extent would the proposed solution positively impact the target community/industry affected by COVID-19?
  • Viability / Feasibility
    To what extent could the proposed solution be implemented in the real world?
  • Validation
    To what extent did the team prove they validated their problem and solution with the target market?
  • X-Factor
    To what extent is the proposed solution novel, ingenious and/or surprising?
  • Presentation
    To what extent was the presentation impactful?
  • Next steps / Roadmap
    To what extent did the team define a roadmap to help the idea become real and have-world real impact?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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